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Holographic Multi Layers Tapes

  • Product Code : SGHT- Sequins Tapes
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Holographic Self Adhesive Sequins Tapes

Holographic Self Adhesive Tapes -sequins or lots of dots holo effect 3d to apply on hula hoops,sports equipment,stationery,arts and crafts width -10,12,15,19,24mm lenght-12,14,20,30,46,50,100 meters.....
  • Product Code : SGHT- Sequins Tapes
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Holographic Hula Hoop Tapes

  • Product Code : SGHSAS-XXXX
  • :

Green Sequins Holographic Tape

  • Product Code : HTSG-002
  • Price : 25050.00 / $300.00
  • :

Blue Sequins Holographic Tape

  • Product Code : HTBSP-006
  • Price : 25050.00 / $300.00
  • :

Silver Sequins Tapes

  • Product Code : STS-54
  • :

Holographic Glitter Tape

  • Product Code : HTGP-66
  • Price : 25.00 / $0.30
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Self Adhesive Holographic Tapes

Self Adhesive Bopp/Polyester based Metalized, Holographic, and Iridescent Film Tapes for the Decorative, Sports Equipment, Stationery and Hula Hoop Industry. Holographic Tapes For Hula Hoops,Statione.....
  • Product Code : SGHT - Sequins Tape
  • :

Holographic Tapes 3d Sequins

We Produce Holographic and mirror Adhesive tapes for decorations of sports equipments, entertainment (rhythmic gymnastics equipment, sticks twirling, majorettes, golf clubs, hula hoop making, surfbo.....
  • Product Code : SGHTLOD-001012
  • :
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Bopp based single layer 40 micron self adhesive tapes are extensively used all over the world for Hula hoops,sports equiments,gift wrapping,x mas wraps,arts and crafts as well as stationery applications.
SPICK GLOBAL is manufactuer and exporter of exclusive patterns for above applications
This pattern exported by Spick Global Holographic to clients worldwide in over 59 countries...
used in hula hoop and other art and craft applications
water proof
water based ROHS Complaint adhesive
fade less colored
40 micron tapes
3/4,1 inch x 30,50,150 feet tapes

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